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"Ultimately, education in its real sense is the pursuit of truth. It is an endless journey through knowledge and enlightenment."
- APJ Abdul Kalam

Sanvid - A journey beyond horizons


We have embarked on a journey to reach beyond the horizon, and we couldn’t be more excited! Sanvid is an Ed-Tech initiative to help students in India get comprehensive education and personality development opportunities from a young age. The Sanvid effort is driven by Jadishwar Trust, and supported by Aarav Solutions.

Sanvid is a movement that aims to provide equal learning opportunities in computer education, life skills, and language skills to school students in India. We aim to bridge the gaps in education infrastructure in Indian schools wherever we can, by providing gadgets, technical expertise, teachers, and knowledge in a wide range of subjects. Students studying in Sanvid Champion Schools will get the opportunity to develop technical and other life skills that will help them when they join the mainstream digital world.

Children are the future of India and as a global product engineering and IT consulting organization, this is our way to contribute to building our nation’s future. Sanvid is an effort to help children learn life skills that will matter the most when they stand at the threshold of adulthood.

Sanvid is a Sanskrit name that depicts knowledge or ‘gyana’.  This is a simple expression that powerfully expresses the true potential of our initiative. Sanvid reflects the pursuit of knowledge that brings a greater meaning to a person’s life. The logo is inspired by Saraswati Yantra the beacon of knowledge that brings hope and enlightenment for learners. Both the name and logo have been chosen to define our goals of empowerment through knowledge and expanding horizons for Indian children.

At Aarav Solutions, we are pumped to be a part of the Sanvid journey. As a first step, Maharana PJ High School, in Patan, Gujarat has come up as the first Sanvid Champion School. Our experts have begun working alongside the teachers at this school to start our initiative. The responses we have received from schools in Gujarat is overwhelming. We aim to partner with at least 72 schools in the state of Gujarat in the next seven years. 

All our courses and modules are designed such that students of any age can take up the course at an age as young as 10 years, and as old as 16 years old to benefit from them. Apart from technical education, students can come to Sanvid for courses such as spoken English, Yoga, career planning, personal finance, and positive thinking. All a student needs is a positive attitude and a will to learn and Sanvid can surely offer them something of value.

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